Welcome to our first newsletter in this format! One of the central tasks of the Foreign Mission Committee (FMC) is to raise the profile of the mission project we’ve come to support in recent times, the Reformational Study Centre. In line with other mission projects in our circles, we judged it appropriate to help fulfill our task by way of a periodic newsletter. The more immediate benefit of such newsletters is that these will offer our congregation the quarterly updates on Rev. Kampen’s work for the RSC, along with other items of interest related to the mission work. Yet it is our hope that in the long run, we will be able to share these newsletters also with other churches that may be interested in them. In this way, more may also join us in prayerful support of the work of the Study Centre. 

As this is a new venture for us, we heartily welcome feedback from you on it, including what you might like to see in these newsletters. For, the FMC and Council may be the ones collectively supervising the mission work, but this work is and will remain something that you are all to be invested in. So, our lines are always open for input from you! 

For this first newsletter, we thought to restrict ourselves to updating you on Rev. Kampen’s work in the second quarter of 2019.’