The Heart of the Service

Centers around the reading and proclamation of God's Word.

We Are a Church

Meaning a gathering or community of people who believe in worship, and witness to the triune God. Namely God the father who created us, God the Son who has redeemed us, and God the Holy Spirit who renews us.

More than just a Worship Service

As a body of believers, we gather together each Sunday where we hear God’s Word preached. Throughout the week the study of God’s Word is ongoing through various bible studies and youth programs.

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What Makes us Different?

The Holy Scriptures

This Word represents the final rule of faith and life in our churches. We receive it for the regulation, foundation, and confirmation of our faith. It serves as the basis of all authority in our churches.

The Creeds or Confessions

These creeds or confessions to be faithful summaries of the Word of God. As human documents, however, they possess human authority. Only the Word possesses divine authority. The contents of our creeds or confession are always subject to and to be tested by the standard of the Word.

Government of the Church

The faith of the church, but also the government of the church bust be regulated by Holy Scripture.We have adopted what is called a Church Order (Constitution). It is available upon request and contins 76 Articles which are divided into four sections.

Worship Services

On every Lord's Day two worship services are held. They take place in the morning and afternoon. The liturgy is based on biblical practice and principle. Often the afternoon service uses the Heidelberg Catechism as a guideline for the preaching.


The Heidelberg Catechism is used as a teaching guide. These classes are usually taught by our pastor, who may be assisted by an elder or other church members. Attention often shifts to the other confessions and to the history of the church.

Bible Study

Study of God's Word is an ongoing activity by all memebers. Begins in early Fall, continues throughout the Winter month and concludes in late Spring. They often cover Bible thems, different ethical topics, modern day issues or the confessions of the church.

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