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The aim of RSC is to provide scripturally sound material to those who want to study the Word of God but do not have the resources to do so. We are especially active in Africa and Asia.

Please look around and see who we are and what we do. In everything, we are unworthy servants who have only done our duty (Luke 17:10). The Lord is doing wonderful things. To Him all the glory, now and forever!

Our Missionary’s Role

With the number of the main projects of the RSC, it becomes apparent that there are many ways to be involved in the work.
When it comes to the task of Rev. Kampen, the designation “gatekeeper” has been used as a job description. It denotes the responsibility of ensuring that the various materials submitted for publication on the Christian Library are Reformed. Our missionary is also supervising and contributing to the Living Word project
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Online Libraries

These websites aim to help Christians to be obedient in all aspects of life. They are accessible to all, but have originated from a desire to help those who do not have access to Scripturally sound materials. Our motto: A Scripturally sound library in every home.

Timothy Project

The Timothy Project is our request services. It often focuses on more extensive resources. This service is exclusively for pastors in the Majority World.

In the beginning (2008) we only focused on the material the pastors needed for their preaching (Preaching Library), but since 2012 we started to accept requests for all other theological topics. During the past few years it has been a huge challenge for us to find good material on all the different theological topics. 

Vox Viva

Vox Viva is an extensive exposition and application website and app. It aims to be a useful tool in sermon preparation, Bible study, and finding general biblical guidance.

Vox Viva means: the Living Voice (of God). We believe that through the faithful exposition and application of the Word of God, we hear the living voice of God today.

Physical Library

The physical library is the foundation of many of the services of the Reformational Study Centre. On the one hand, there are the request-type services (like The Preaching Library and The Timothy Project) that make extensive use of the library, but the library is of course also vital to the studies we do for Vox Viva, cultural questions, material for translation, etc.

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