The calendar indicates that we’re already near the end of January 2021, but hopefully it’s not too late to ask you to look back for a few moments at the concluding months of 2020 and the work of the Reformational Study Centre during that time. With deep thankfulness we can indeed observe that the Lord was gracious to sustain the Study Centre, and even increase its work and usefulness in his kingdom. He has used the pandemic for refining and teaching the church, and if that were all he was doing, it would be far more than what we deserve. But he has also used the pandemic to open up even more opportunities for the Word to make a deep impression in this world, especially in the young church. For the RSC, last year saw more pastors sign up for its services than any other year. The number of pastors that the RSC is helping is now more than 11,000. That tells us not only that there are so many pastors who are in great need of services that we can offer, but also that the Word is making huge inroads on the continents of Africa and Asia! And so we rejoice with the RSC that the Lord is pleased to use humble, weak servants as instruments in his hands for the promoting of his universal reign!

Here then follows a report from Rev. Kampen on some of the recent developments related to the ministry of the RSC over the final few months of 2020